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*sighs* When the bad guys go good...

Hello, I'm new, and there hasn't been a post here in a while so I decided to post. ^_^

fanfics like this make me sad. I hate to pick on the author of this, because it's obvious they are very young, but it disturbs me nonetheless and this is really one of the clearest-cut examples of what I'm talking about.

And that is, simply, what happens when the bad guys go good. I'm not talking about villains taking a redemptive journey, I'm talking about the misrepresentation of villains that takes them and makes them the heroes.

In this case, the villain is Yuber. Not a bad looking character (which is why I suspect many people try to make him into a touchy-feely good guy; it doesn't seem like the non-bishies have this problem nearly so badly), but definitely not a nice guy. If you've played any of the Suikoden games (in particular, Suikoden 3), you know Yuber's primary interests are death, blood, destruction, and killing. He may or may not be the embodiment of Chaos itself. The whole reason he joins any side in a war is because that side will spill more blood. He shows no personal attachment to any characters; he willingly deserts his "allies" not once, not twice, but three times. Definitely not a nice guy. At all.

And yet, a lot of fanfiction I've seen in the Suikoden fandom makes him, if not a good guy, then at least a human one, who is deeply in love (usually with Albert, though I've seen a few with Luc and one or two with Pesmerga, and all three usually have personality facelifts to the point where they are completely unrecognizable.) and selfless, willing to do anything to protect his lover, and, in other words, drastically OOC. Yuber is *not* a good guy, Yuber is *not* selfless and willing to die for his lover OR his morals, and this is illustrated several times in three different games. *sigh*
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