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Name's Sara. You've probably seen me around other fandom and/or fanfic ranting communities. This is a small rant about fanfiction and why I hate it when people take it too damned seriously.

According to a fandomwank post, someone believes that mocking a fanfic is the same as ripping out someone's heart and vocal cords. Because we all know that fanfiction is the be all and end all of fucking life.

Yeah, sometimes people go way too far with their making fun of or mocking badfic. But screaming from the rooftops that you're being OPRESSED OMG is just as lame and idiotic. It all boils down to the fact that these people are taking a goddamned HOBBY too seriously and need to calm the fuck down.

I see it everywhere. People who act like having a few black sheep or flawed members in a fandom is the end of the world, and believe they must 'purify' the fandom of said members.

Then there's the people who think disliking anyone or anything is OMG WRONG and post huge rants about how everyone should play nicely and love everyone else or they're big meanies who are opressing people.

Both are equally annoying and make me want to throw something at them.

Rabid fantards suck. Crapfic sucks. Elitism sucks. Stuff, in general, can suck. THAT'S THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS. And if something sucks, you can easily avoid it if it bothers you so deeply.

In short: Fandom's a hobby, not a way of life, so these people need to stop ripping each other's heads off about it. Because it's annoying.

Apologies for the excessive bitchiness, I just needed to get this off my chest.
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