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fandombitching's Journal

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Grr Arrgh
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This journal is for fanboys and fangirls of any genre to come and, well, bitch. Do songfics annoy you? Are you sick of people whining for feedback and then complaining they've been flamed if you offer constructive criticism? What really bugs you? Share your annoyances here.

A few rules:

1)This community is for bitching about fandom stuff only. That means no promotion of other communities/mailing lists/actual fic, etc. If you feel you have a link that is related to bitching about fandom that the community would be interested in seeing, e-mail me and run it past me first. Otherwise, your post will be deleted and you will be mocked.

2)Don't bitch about personal vendettas within a fandom that are all about your own conflicts and now actually about the fandom.

See? That was short.

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