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Draco Malfoy

Short time lurker/commenter, first time poster. *attemps lj-cut*

Why do fanfic writers have the need to warp and mutate Draco Malfoy's character? Basically speaking, he is a power hungery, cowardly little bigot snot, not Mr. Romantic. How hard is it to keep people in character? Okay, some fangirls use the excuse that they're trying to pair him up with Hermione Granger (why?), and if he was such a little bigot like he is in canon then he would rather just vanish her. Others use the 'but he's only acting that way to hide his true feelings', to which I must say - Have you been reading the same books as the rest of us? Really.

Also, there's the 'make him good' stories. Okay, you cannot just have Harry skipping along, randomly run into Malfoy and yell "Hello there old chum, d'you want to help us go fight Voldemort?" and have him reply "Oh yes, let's!" and go skipping along like that. It does not work. If there's some reason for it, sure. If there isn't, no.

Yay, I mucked around with the HTML, and it actually worked. ^_^
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