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Draco Malfoy

Short time lurker/commenter, first time poster. *attemps lj-cut*

Why do fanfic writers have the need to warp and mutate Draco Malfoy's character? Basically speaking, he is a power hungery, cowardly little bigot snot, not Mr. Romantic. How hard is it to keep people in character? Okay, some fangirls use the excuse that they're trying to pair him up with Hermione Granger (why?), and if he was such a little bigot like he is in canon then he would rather just vanish her. Others use the 'but he's only acting that way to hide his true feelings', to which I must say - Have you been reading the same books as the rest of us? Really.

Also, there's the 'make him good' stories. Okay, you cannot just have Harry skipping along, randomly run into Malfoy and yell "Hello there old chum, d'you want to help us go fight Voldemort?" and have him reply "Oh yes, let's!" and go skipping along like that. It does not work. If there's some reason for it, sure. If there isn't, no.

Yay, I mucked around with the HTML, and it actually worked. ^_^
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Well Draco isn't really well-developed and the fandom is lacking a pretty-boy bad guy. He's a character we can play with, but yeah, Draco is a bullying git. But he can change, I don't see it happening in canon, but if someone wants to slowly change all of this, all the power to them.
'Slowly' being the operative word. There are some that just have him automatically being a good guy and it's like: "What? Where did this come from?"
Oh, I agree. Just my 'what if' fanficer side talking.
Well, some of us wrote fics before OotP, when he was a somewhat bratty kid with a psycho father and a prediliction for telling Harry things that weren't necessarily nice but turned out to be truthful and useful.
Draco is a very useful plot device.
Lol, yes. He seems to be used as just that more and more lately, even in canon (when the 'good guys' aren't getting 'revenge' on him).
I wasn't refering to any specific book-time period - just as a whole there seem to be a lot of OOC!Draco.
Depends on how you define OOC-ness in a character.

If you wrote fanfic set in 5th year back in 1999 after the release of PoA and included CAPSLOCK!Harry, people would've said he was OOC. So would a Hermione who dolled herself up for a dance-date with a sports star be.

The fandom's take on Draco is impacted by fics written before the release of GoF as well as fics written in the three years between GoF and OotP. So what might look OOC post-OotP may not have been so before OotP. Did you see anything in GoF or PoA to indicate, for example, that Draco would become a flunky for a government official like he did in OotP? Or that he'd walk into Snape's office after hours without knocking?
It's not up, but you missed one where he had a date with Hermione.

... and sang to her afterwards.

Personally I think it's girls continually going for the "bad boy character," because he's "so smooth."

Oh my, I totally agree... I don't understand the whole fascination with Draco/Hermione, to be honest... I haven't really read much in the books that would support this ^=^;;


September 18 2007, 19:46:02 UTC 10 years ago

Its Just People's Stories
If People Want To Amuse Themselves By Writing about Draco And Others Then More Power To Them

Maybe Draco Decided To Grow Up