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GRAAH! asjakjhghf

And this is why I hate 90% of the ff.net population as a whole. The bloody Mary-Sues, or more specifically, the people who write them. OK, so they provided a source of amusement for a while, but that was until I wrote a rather harsh review for this piece of shit fanfiction. So I was extremely hard on the OC's at first, since they realy aren't QUITE as Sueish as others I've seen...But after being called a 'dumbass' and 'idiot' by several people, I gave it a more objective look and tried to offer some helpful criticism. Big mistake on my part. Instead of actually taking it to heart, the authoress and her thick-headed reviewers continued to jump down my throat, throwing childish insults at me and generally defending their precious writer...Once a flamer, always a flamer it seems.

So, maybe it's just me, or has every writer and reviewer taken out a 'If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' policy with stories, particularly ones that contain OCs? Perhaps I deserved a mild stomping on, but this is just ridiculous. People need to take harsh words and yes, even flames, with some class. (And harassing someone via author's notes? Psh. Please, deal with it a little more gracefully than that, will you?)
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