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Okay, so...I post this icon to a community that is basically...defunct. FIRST MISTAKE. I didn't realize the community was defunct because I have been getting posts from it whenever a new fic is posted by one of my friends, which is why I joined in the first place. This community basically takes all things related to this fandom.

So, anyway, the icon is in celebration of the very first starring role one of the veteran actors from this fandom has gotten. All his fans are very happy for him, and the news is everywhere. Anyone who is a fan of his knows about it.

So, I post the icon with the subject, "Icon in honor of his new role," right? Well, some people responded with very kind queries, such as, "He's got a movie role? It's about time! Can you tell me more about it?" This jerk?

HE says: " about some real info instead of yet another icon?"

And, you know, I just can't seem to care, then, that he hasn't heard about the movie. But, being the nice person I am, I refer him to a fan community for this actor, whereupon the jerk tells me "I do not need another community full of spamming icon makers."

I tell him that the community to which I referred him was one for both news and pictures, but if he wants to be a stubborn, close-minded fool, that's up to him.

He then comes back and accuses me of making the icon just to show off. That's when I lost my cool and told him that I made it for the actor because I was happy for him, not for myself and...GASP...called this jerk an idiot.

I soon decided that I wanted out of the exchange, so I posted one last comment, telling him that I wanted no more part of it and was going to delete every comment in the conversation, so not to bother replying to that one.

....He then joined the community I had recommended and he had refused to join because he did "not need another community full of spamming icon makers." He replied to the same icon post I'd made there, saying, "What's stopping me from just flaming you over here too?" That was when I enlisted the assistance of my friends, who run that particular community, to stop the bastard.

Unfortunately, he hadn't joined--just posted--so when the owner threatened him with further action, he told her he would just go harass me in my own journal

So...yay. I am now forced to do what I never, EVER wanted to do. My fanfic/icon and personal journals, as well as my fanfic community, are now friends-only, because some bastard with serious control issues chose me as his target.


Oh, and if you'd like to ban him from your communities, his username is ceetar.
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