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Do you update? Grrr....

I've got a whine (or rather, a bitch or a rant, call it how you like) for you.

Why, why do readers have to whine and bitch to authors about updating? Sure, there are plenty of fics out there that have just 'died' (and no one wants to see that happen), but when an author explicity states that RL has taken over, thus causing a delay, why the continued need for whiny comments such as 'when r u gonna update?'

Not to mention the very tone of the comment. I got that *points*. Not once, but twice. Seriously. After I had stated both on lj and that I was going to be busy the month of June and not to expect much, if anything. (I got that comment at both places, btw.)

Would a reader seriously expect a reply to that? Not only is it just an annoying whine, it's also atrociously written. I'm more likely to respond to a comment that uses proper words and manners. Would it be so hard for someone to polietly ask, "Any idea when you'll be updating next?"

Whining about my update schedule is less likely to motivate me than not. Why are some readers seemingly incapable of realizing that most authors have lives outside of fandoms and fic writing? *shakes head*

***edit 7/9/07***

Another one! Jesus christ! Another helpful "Update soon!" posted anyomously. How about you give a comment worth something, hmm? God forbid you give an actual useful review or some such. Because those are *so* not the kind of comments writers want to receive... ::sarcastic::
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