sandra_isis (sandra_isis) wrote in fandombitching,

LotR Stupidity

WHY do people write about something they have no idea about? Hmm? Okay, I can understand a short vignette inspired by the movie, particularly if the plot-bunny just won't leave. But if you really want epics, READ THE BLOODY BOOKS! You cannot write a story involving elven marriage customs when YOU DON'T KNOW THEM. I sympathize with not wanting to dig through the Silmarillion and all of the other published material to write a wedding, but they could just look for a beta reader to help.

And there is NO EXCUSE for a story that completely rapes any of the races. Elves do not have arranged marriage, for goodness' sake! Elven marriages are for eternity--bad idea to arrange them. That's the whole point: elves were given the gift of eternity. They die, they go to Mandos' Halls and eventually get reincarnated AS THE SAME PEOPLE. Worse yet, when stupid fangirls arrange marriages to Elrond--who ALREADY HAS A WIFE!

I'd do plenty more ranting on the topic, but I'd probably start getting technical and annoying. I can do that in my own LJ.

Sandra Isis: canon-obsessed fanficcer.
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